Btown Biking

Last Ride of ’06

pdr_0183.jpgJojo and I went out for an easy 35 mile ride on Friday afternoon, Dec 29, 2006, it was quite warm and after all the rain, the lake was way up. We went south, past the Y, to Rhorer Rd. at Jackson Creek, east to Harrel, south on Harrell then east again on Moffet/Stipp, on past Handy, and down Stipp into the valley. My new speedometer registered 53mph at the bottom where the road is the very steepest. We stopped by the lake, and I took a few pictures of the high water at the curve and the bridge.

On the way to the lake I had mentioned to Jojo that I could not remember hearing the cranes flying south, their unique gobbledy sound travels for miles. So no sooner did we get to the water, and we heard them, and a flock of about 20 cranes came flying over the ridge right over us, veering at the last second to swing over to the next bay after seeing us.

Rans Stratus (new)We then climbed Schwartz Ridge Rd, yes we both made it without stopping, the cool weather makes many things possible. When we hit 441, we headed south to Pine Grove, where we turned left and rode all the way downt to the boat ramp, where I took a few more pics of the high water. We then climbed back up the hill, came back on old 446, rode into the city via Park Ridge Path, and headed home, 35 good miles.