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Woodall-Woodyard Ride

This Friday I had taken a vacation day from work so I could concentrate on the Lotus World Music Festival. Thurs nite I was out late (for me, after midnight) stage managing the show at the Bus-Chum Theater. But as 2 of the groups were playing on Friday, there was only one soundcheck, and that at 4 pm, so I had the day off. I got a bit of a late start, about 10 am, and I got back after 30+ miles riding NW of Bloomington

Slideshow of Woodall-Woodyard Ride

I went out of town north using Kinser Pike to Bottom Road. This route is used quite a bit, Bottom Road is long easy ride through the valley, no climbs all the way to its end at Mt. Tabor Rd. I stopped at Muscatatuck, but no birds were around, so I went on to Woodall Road, and took it around the Nature sanctuary, but the path was closed for repairs due to the flooding. I rode to the bottom of the ridge, where the Bean Blossom cuts along right to beginning of the rise. As the water was really low, I could see that there were a number of tires in the bottom, I was tempted to try pulling them out, but I had limited time, and then what would I do? Anyone with a truck who wants to help, let me know, there are a lot of tires in our steams. But then there is charge for disposal, and gas for a truck. Maybe the MCSWMD would want to help, I know they work on illegal dumping, which this is. The tires have nickel in them, and it leaches into the water, killing the fish.

I followed Woodall to Delap Road, which runs more or less east/west. I followed it west to where it ends and Mt. Tabor and Stephens Road just north of Ellettsville. I took Stephen’s south past Bybee Stone and on into town, and more unfriendly bike town I’ve not seen in the is county. I got accross the highway, but got a little lost in the suburban style tracts, and had to ask someone for directions. I got to Tecumseh Drive, which ends at Thomas Rd, which I to Ratliff Rd., and from there went southeast along Woodyard Road back to town. Woodyard is not bad, but neither is good near where it intersects Vernal Pike. Cars travel fast both roads, but they are the best bet when on northwest side of the county.

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