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Back country riding-SONDORS
Back country riding-SONDORS X

At first, I understood fat tire bikes a specialized category; they are obviously great for beach, snow, and mountain bike adventuring, but for day to day, not so much…till I tried out a fat tire e-bike. I was used to the 2″ tires of my RadPower Cargo bike, but 3-4″ tires really make the potholes disappear, and you feel like you are riding “high, wide, and handsome.” The mountain bike style was the original, first hand-made in Alaska to work in the snowy day to day weather there. They traveled to California as a beach bike (great on sand, gravel, dirt). These beasts then aquired gearing to become mountain bikes, and with electric assist motors, they could go anywhere in the Rockies. Thie addition of electric power has made them ridable by non-athletes where ever and whenever; the bulk and weight just disappear as a factor, and you are then riding the SUV of bicycles, big, bold, and powerful. Cars notice, you can keep up in traffic, and potholes and curbs are no longer a threat. And of course, they rock the back country, gravel, dirt or mud, they plow right through.

In this picture, Emmanuel is holding a mountain bike that we are modding, the battery and controller are yet to be added. This beast will climb any hill with its 1000W motor and 4″ fat tires.