We are proud to offer SONDORS electric bikes! We are the only dealer/repair shop in our area, and currently have 3 models in stock, the SONDORS X, the Fold X and the Smart Step. All 3 are extremely sturdy, elegant and well built. With plenty of power on the SONDORS X and Fold X (48V/500W motors), they will conquer any hill in southern Indiana, while the fat tires will smooth out any bumps or pot holes with ease. The Smart Step is built to mount easily, and with 36 V/350W motor, it is sized perfectly for city use, or cruising our county roads in style. The SONDORS line is a bit more expensive that our Ecotrics, but we feel they are well worth the extra cash ($200-300).

Sondors Fold X

The Sondors Fold X is a sleek little machine to look at, but feels like a beast once you are on it. Like all Sonodors models, it will handle up to 300 lbs, and has a ton of power to get you going, quick, even up hill. The 20″ fat tires grip the road, and the smaller wheels mean you have more torque than standard 26″ wheels. Try one out, they are a true values at $1300 at Zephyr Bikes.

Sondors X Mountain Fat Tire
Sondors X Mountain Bike-Fat Tire

This is the SONDORS X, a fat tire mountain bike, which is more than enough the handle the gravel roads, off-road trails, and steep hills in our area (look out McGowen Rd!). This is a heavy duty hard tail with no front suspension, which is no problem due to the fat tire’s ability to smooth out the bumps. The controller and battery are well protected from water and mud in the SONDORS proprietary case, making it great in all weather. The SONDORS X is $1300 at Zephyr E-Bikes.

SONDORS Smart Step

The SONDORS Smart Step is the right choice for those of us who prefer the ease of mounting that a low step bike affords. It is a full sized bike (27.5″ wheels) that will hold large humans up to 300 lbs, yet with its low step design, is easy to manage for just about anyone. It has a 36V/350Watt motor good for 25-40 miles before recharging. Use it for cruising around town on errands, or with 3″ tires and front suspension, hit the gravel/dirt roads and hills in our area. $1300

By Mitch Rice, Bloomington, IN

Recumbent, e-bike, scooter riding Boomer, out to better the world one e-bike at a time!

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