Fold X $1300

I’ve ridden this one around town a bit, and I like it a lot. It feels big and beefy even though it is a 20″ wheel folding bike. The top tube contains the battery, and is much wider and thicker than on a standard bike, making feel solid and strong. The 4″ x 20″ fat tires add to the sturdy feeling. It has a 500 watt, torquey motor, and this thing jumps forward from a dead stop, and gets to top speed (20 mph) in seconds. It is like a sports car, small and nimble, yet powerful off the line with plenty of stamina for long climbs. This not a beginner bike for sure, but it sure is fun and feels safe due its bulk.

SONDORS Fold X – Strong like a bull…

By Mitch Rice, Bloomington, IN

Recumbent, e-bike, scooter riding Boomer, out to better the world one e-bike at a time!

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