The Fold XS is the premium version of the Fold X, and is a beast of a machine, ready to hold a 300 pound person and still zip up any hill in southern Indiana. It sports a 750Watt continuous (1000Watt peak) motor, and a 14 Ah 48V battery, so the Fold XS can go the distance. With 4″ fat tires, a suspension fork and a suspension dropper seat, this e-bike smoothes out the bumps in the back country, or the potholes in the city streets! The hydraulic disk brakes with 180mm rotor offer best in class braking power for this heavy duty bike. The 20″ x 4″ tires allow both maneuverability and great traction, while allowing for more torque from the motor, so you have to be careful not to pull a wheelie when starting up!

  • 48Volt, 750Watt motor
  • Hydraulic 180mm brakes
  • Adjustable air shocks
  • Handle bar riser (accomodates taller riders)
  • Exaform Dropper Seat
  • Color LCD w/USB
  • 14 Ah Battery
  • Front hub with sealed bearings

This model is $1800 on the SONDORS website, but earliest delivery date is the end of June. So if you want one now, just let us know, our shop price is $1875, fully assembled and ready to go.

We have the accessory kit (rack, bag and fenders) on order, but it has not yet shipped, it is apparently on the same slow boat from China that the rest of the SONDORS e-bikes are on!

By Mitch Rice, Bloomington, IN

Recumbent, e-bike, scooter riding Boomer, out to better the world one e-bike at a time!

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