VanMoof Proof

VanMoof E-Bike
VanMoof E-Bike

This Dutch e-bike came in for repairs this week, and so I had to do some research to familiarize myself with its unique points. It works in power assit mode (no throttle), with a 36V/250W motor, a typical Euro e-bike. It has a fully protected chain, electronic shifting, and a hidden battery and controller. The built-in electronics include bike tracking and recovery, and a built in lock that is activated by the app only. In short a really cool Euro-commuter bike.

I knew little about the VanMoof brand, so I looked it up, and came across this video ad they ran in Europe, only to be banned by the French (who apparently needs to protect their stellar auto brands…).

VanMoof is now behind in RadPower in venture capitalization, but still an ebike leader, especially in the Euro market.

Later: Unfortunately, this was an early model, and the controller and battery were just not accessible without cutting wires, and no guarantee we could get it back together, it is all proprietary design, and they don’t share their manuals. I am recommending it to go back to the factory for service, but the client does not want to do it…