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Zephyr E-Bike Workshop

Welcome to Zephyr E-Bike Workshop! We support and encourage the ongoing micromobility evolution, with the hope that everyone can experience the freedom, fun, and practicality of e-bike travel!

We are the only bike shop in Bloomington/Southern Indiana that specializes in ebike repairs and maintenance.

We assemble, tune, repair, consult, update/upgrade, fix tubes/tires, adjust brakes/gears, and of course, troubleshoot electronic problems.

We also buy/sell/trade pre-owned e-bikes, and we carry a few new Ecotric ebikes, which we have found to be a really good value is its price range ($800-$1200).

Many e-bike repairs can be a bit tricky , but we are ready to handle them with skill and alacrity!

Ebike curious, but not yet an owner? Come in for a consult, let us help you take a test ride and select your style. We can then order and assemble your ebike, and outfit it with whatever accessories you choose.

Ecotric Dolphin
Ecotric Dolphin Fat Tire Folding step-thru

Here is a classic beach cruiser (Pedelec, Punta Gorda, FL), we just got in the door, and it is the most comfortable bike we have in stock!

Classic Beach Cruiser
Classic Beach Cruiser $875

We are dedicated to helping folks get on an e-bike and learn how much fun and convenient they are for both city and country living. Come by to ride, or talk about e-bikes, and narrow down your choices. We are open 12-5 pm every afternoon, Mon-Fri, and beyond that by chance, call or text, if we are not in the shop. This is business in the time of Covid, no easy way!

Zephyr E-Bike Workshop
Zephyr E-Bike Workshop

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