Vela 2 – Brazilian-Euro Style City Ebike

This cute Vela 2 commuter ebike came in for some assembly and tuning (plus some Flat Out for the tubes). It says it is designed in Sao Paulo and made in China, but checks all the boxes for being a Dutch-Euro style commuter ebike.

Vela 2, Vela 2, Euro Style Commuter Ebike
Vela 2, Euro Style Commuter Ebike
  • A Pedelectric (Class 1) fixie, it has no gears to change, but the torque sensor reads how much effort you are expending, and sends more power as you need it.
  • Comforable seat and upright seating position (handle bars well above the seat).
  • 36V/350W Geared Motor, 10 Ah battery
  • Battery is hidden in the downtube below the seat, with USB port
  • Boost mode at two levels, Start-up and Hills
  • Tamper detection/Electromagnetic Lock/GPS anti-theft /App
  • Fenders front and back
  • Rear Rack
  • Built in lights
  • Chain Guard
  • Step Through frame

All in all, a great value ($1600) for a stylish commuter bike, with room for a front basket as well as a couple of panniers on the rack. Keep an eye out for it around Bloomington in the new year!

Vela 2, São Paulo, Brazil
Vela 2, São Paulo, Brazil