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Hi, Mitch here at Zephyr Ebike Workshop. We order, assemble, service/repair all makes and models of ebike here in Bloomington Indiana. Need help deciding what to buy? Stop by, call, or email, and chat with us about your plans. What style is right for you, what is your budget, what brands then should you consider? Once that is worked through, just order the ebike and have it sent to us for assembly, and 2 days later, you will have your new tuned-up and charged ebike to begin your adventures.

Scroll down to my blog posts for notes about ebikes we’ve seen in the shop, trends in the micromobility world, tips on maintenance and upkeep, and more. There are numerous brands, and many styles out there, each ebike his its own character, strengths and challenges, and they are all useful in their own way.

Check out my Mastodon feed for even more chatter about the micromobility, safe streets and bike/ped infrastructure. I’ve linked my older blogs posts (Btown Biking) about riding around Monroe county (and our many hills), as well as the music I’ve recorded over the years. Please peruse the site, and enjoy!

Zephyr & RadRunner
Zephyr & RadRunner

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