Cargo (E)bikes

So some folks wonder about the cargo ebike catagory, like, why would you need such a big bike? Well, besides the ability to haul two kids and a dog anywhere in town, yesterday my RadWagon carted a pair of 40 pound bags of compost, a Bee Balm plant, and some tools from Bloomington Hardware, no problem!

Mitch’s Workhorse

The carg0-ebike catagory is surging across the country as more and more folks are realizing the utility of an inexpensive, almost carbon-neutral transportation mode that is both more fun and faster for most of our day to day trips.

I can easily haul $150 worth of groceries (including milk and juice) plus a kid to the grocery store and back and not break a sweat, or have to look for parking! I rode this bike to my job at IU year round for several years, and even used it to move retired computers to IU Surplus. No special clothes, shoes or accessories needed, and you arrive cool and collected at your destination.

So I have seen a quite a few cargo bikes come through the shop, and I am hoping to see more. All the links below lead to cargo ebikes that I think are reasonable choices.

RadWagon 4 $2000
They certainly have a good build, but for the proprietary 22″ tires.
Blix Packa $2000
Slick Design, 24″ wheel, hydraulic brakes 12 Ah x 2 option
Himiway Big Dog $2000
Fat tire workhorse, 20″x4″ tires, 2nd level componants, 400# 20 Ah
KBO $1800
Wadda Deal! 15 Ah, 20″ wheel, 750W motor, 400#,
Yuba Boda Boda $3800
Expensive, but worth it? No, as it is out of stock and under powered
Tern GSD S00 LX $6800
Truly Expensive, all top line componants and design

Other options?