Looking at Lectrics

Lectric XP2
Lectric XP2

This Lectric XP 2 came into the shop this week for assembly, the cargo/rack package makes it an especially useful and fun ebike. This one will be riding the trails in Lawrence county next week, so keep an eye out for it! Lectric come through the shop almost as often as RadPower models, so they are very popular in the $1000 price range.

I am been impressed that this brand is inexpensive, yet well designed and put together. Lectric sells only folding ebikes, and thus have gotten quite a few details right over the years.

Here is a rundown of their current line-up. I excluded their XP Long Range as it was the same as the XP 2.0 with a 14 Ah battery, which is an option on the XP 2.0 for the same price. Marketing, I guess.

Lectric XP lite Video Review
18 lighter than the XP 2.0, with a smaller drive train & 2.6″ tires
Price: $800
Drivetrain: 36V/300W/7.8Ah
Weights: Bike 46# Cap: 275# Rack: 55#

XP 2.0 & XP 2.0 Step-Thru Video Review
Current best seller, best combo of price, power, battery, & weight
Price: $1000
Drivetrain: 48V/500W/9.6 Ah or 14 Ah (+$200)
Weights: Bike 64# Capacity: 330# Rack: 75#

XPremiumVideo Review
MidDrive Torque sensing + throttle, hydraulic brakes suspension fork, dual battery, 4″ fat tires
Price: $1900
Drivetrain: 48V/500W/ double 10.4Ah battery
Weights: Bike 75# Cap: 330# Rack: 55#

The XPremium, the only middrive, torque sensing model they make, is very unusual for the fat tire folding ebike catagory. (Also, most middrive/torque ebikes start at >$2000)