Bee Cool!

This new BeeCool Pathfinder came in for assembly this week, and it is quite the machine. I worked on an older version of this last year, and thought it was well made, but all black and well used in the back country. This year’s model is just as strudy, but with a new paint color that really pops. It has a 48V/750W motor, hydraulic brakes, and front suspension, heavy duty rack, and an big 20 amp hour battery.

BeeCool Pathfinder, fat tire step-thru
BeeCool Pathfinder is a step-thru fat tire metal beast, all the power, strength, stability and comfort you could ask for in one package.

As you can see, the aluminum body is heavy guage, and reinforced such that any loss in structrural integrity due to the (non-triangulated) step-thru design is negated. This thing rides true and steady, with the fat tires and the front suspension making potholes irrelevent. This is the SUV of ebikes, will have you riding high, wide and handsome (as my Mom used to say). It is the Bee’s Knees of ebike…