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Replace you car? This could do it!

This beautiful cargo ebike came in yesterday for a quick checkup, what a great machine! It had top quality parts all around, plus this super kid package up front with seating for 2 with seat belt, plus a bunch more room for groceries, picnic gear, whatever. The colorful paint job is a plus, and with the sturdy frame and high grade foam, it is a beast without feeling heavy.

It sports a torque sensing, mid-drive Bosch motor, with internal gearing, carbon fiber drive train, hydraulic brakes, and plenty of power to move its very long body. The stand is sturdy and steady, great for getting cargo/kids in and out. I got a quick ride, and was surprised at how steady it felt, solid, with no fear of tipping over as so much of the weight is low. As I ride recumbent, I had no problem with its wide turning radius, but some folks might find it consfusing at first. This is a high quality cargo ebike, making way for the new wave of family transportation in Bloomington!

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