About Mitch

E-Bike Mechanic

Hi, I am Mitch Rice, you may have seen me riding around town commuting to work, or out on our county roads for fun & recreation. I’ve ridden my recumbents on most of our county roads, and explored portions of Lawrence and Brown counties, and blogged about the rides.

Around the time of my bypass surgery in 2017, I started riding a used Trek Cargo e-bike, and I loved the experience. In 2018 I bought a RadWagon, which is a beast of a bike that I have been happy with ever since. It’s carried both my grandsons plus cargo around town, and works remarkably well off road as well. We recently converted my classic Rans Stratus to a 36V/500W front wheel motor, and have been really happy with its performance out on the county roads.

Mitch & Dexter
Mitch & Zephyr

As a 25 year bike commuter, I can attest that e-bikes make those necessary trips amazingly easy and fun. You can arrive at your destination sweat free, no special clothing, no extra effort, no stuck in traffic, plus the knowledge that you are reducing your carbon footprint while having a good time!

Rad Wagon Venus
My Rad Wagon & Venus

I hope that my fourth career path (e-bike mechanic) will be the best yet, by combining two of the main themes in my life: the joy of being outside (on my ebike) in all seasons, and creating a world that is more sustainable than the one we live in now.