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Zephyr E-Bike Workshop

Welcome to Zephyr E-Bike Workshop! We support and encourage the ongoing micromobility evolution, with the hope that everyone can experience the freedom, fun, and practicality of e-bike travel!

We are the only bike shop in Bloomington/Southern Indiana that specializes in ebike repairs and maintenance. We assemble, tune, repair, consult, update/upgrade, fix tubes/tires, adjust brakes/gears, and of course, troubleshoot electronic problems.

Many e-bike repairs can be a bit tricky , but we are ready to handle them with skill and alacrity!

Ebike curious, but not yet an owner? Many folks have questions before buying an ebike, an we are happy to help with your decision making, as well as the assembly and tuning of your new ebike! Come in for a consult or test ride, do some Googling, and select your style. We can then order and assemble, tune, test, and outfit it with whatever accessories you choose.

Ecotric Dolphin
Ecotric Dolphin Fat Tire Folding step-thru

Here is a classic beach cruiser (Pedelec, Punta Gorda, FL), we just got in the door, and it is the most comfortable bike we have in stock!

Classic Beach Cruiser
Classic Beach Cruiser $875

We are dedicated to helping folks get on an e-bike and learn how much fun and convenient they are for both city and country living. Come by to ride, or talk about e-bikes, and narrow down your choices. We are open 12-5 pm every afternoon, Mon-Fri, and beyond that by chance, call or text, if we are not in the shop. This is business in the time of Covid, no easy way!

Zephyr E-Bike Workshop
Zephyr E-Bike Workshop