Cargo Ebikes

So some folks wonder about the cargo ebike catagory “Why would you need such a big bike?” Well, besides hauling two kids and a dog across town, yesterday my RadWagon carted a pair of 40 pound bags of compost, a Bee Balm plant, and some tools from Bloomington Hardware, no problem!

Mitch’s Workhorse

But wait there’s more! Check out this journal article titled: “The impact of cargo bikes on the travel patterns of women”. Quite the interesting read, and , to andecdotally support this article, the majority of cargo ebikes that have come through our shop are owned by women (mothers). Looking for practical, efficient, fun, and cost effective ways to get family chores accomplished? Ask a mom!

Moms know!
That’s the baby wrapped up in back!

The carg0-ebike catagory is surging across the country as more and more folks are realizing the utility of an inexpensive, almost carbon-neutral transportation mode that is both more fun and faster for most of our day to day trips. No special clothes, shoes or accessories needed, and you arrive cool and collected at your destination.

Cargo ebikes start at $2000, but count on wanting a few accessories like paniers, kid rails, and baskets, and maybe some extra lights.

If you are willing to pay more (it is a lot cheaper than a car…), then Yuba, Tern , Urban Arrow are great brands, and will last for years and years. Clever Cycles in Portland, Oregon, has a selection of both front loading (bucket) and rear extenstion models by the traditional cargo bike brands Tern, Yuba, and Urban Arrow, with a price range of $3000-$9000.

RadWagon 4 $2000
They certainly have a good build, and years of experience building cargo ebikes. (Disclaimer: I own a 2018 Radwagon, and after 5000 miles of mostly city riding, I still love its utility.)

RadWagon 4, 22″ wheels

Blix Packa $2000
Slick Design, 24″ wheel, hydraulic brakes 12 Ah battery (2nd battery option

Blix Packa 24″ wheel

Himiway Big Dog $2000
Fat tire workhorse, 20″x 4″ tires, 2nd level componants, 400# capacity, shorter frame than most.

Big Dog

KBO $1800
Wadda Deal! 15 Ah, 20″ wheel, 750W motor, 400#, I have not seen one yet, but it looks great online.

KBO Cargo

Eunorau MAX-CARGO ~$2000 (Depends on battery choices)

Eunorau Max Cargo

Biktrix Skycap $2400
This one costs just a bit more, is very customizable, with powerful battery options

Biktrix Skycap

Yuba Mundo E8 $4800
Expensive, but worth it. Mid drive motor and a whopping 550# capacity, Yuba has been a leader in cargo bikes for years, with full range of family accessories. Available in Bloomington from Revolution Bike and Bean.

Yuba Mundo E8

Tern GSD S00 LX $6800
Truly Expensive, all top line componants and design