Ecotric Ebikes

We have a number of new Ecotric bikes in the shop at this time, they all have a good build quality while being reasonable in price. Make an offer!

Dolphin 20″ Fat Tire Folding E-Bike – $890.00

Dolphin 20″ Fat Tire Folding Step Through

The Dolphin is one of the easiest fat tire ebikes to mount with its step-through design and small fame and 20″ tires. But don’t be fooled, this little powerhouse has a 36V/12Ah/5ooWatt drive train, and can zip you through the toughest intersections, or up the steepest hills in town. In addition, the small wheels provide additional torque and maneuverability in tight spaces.

Power Sport Folding Fat Tire 36V – $940.00

Power Sport Folding Fat Tire

This fat tire folding ebike is beefier than the Dolphin, and they are selling fast. It has a 36Volt/13AH/500Watt motor. It is meant to be ridden hard and take whatever terrain you throw at it.

Sport Cool – Fat Tire Mountain Bike – $1000

Ecotric Fat Tire 26"
Sport Cool

The Sport Cool has a 500W motor, fat tire 26″ tires, and a mountain bike frame, it is an offroad beast. This bike is for the adventurous, or maybe just someone who wants to feel safe around town. Electrek has a fair review here.

Rocket – Fat Tire Mountain Bike w/ front suspension $1100


This ebike has a different (better for some) geometry, more aggressive with a front fork suspension and the same powertrain as the Sport Cool (36V/500W/12Ah), and so is intended for more technical back country riding. It compares well with the older SONDORS X’s out there, but new!

Starfish 20″ Folding Step Through – $780

Starfish 20″ Folding Step Through

The Starfish has a smaller frame and wheels (1.75″ tires) than the 2 fat tire bikes above, and is perhaps a bit easier to handle as a result. Perfect for zipping around town on errands, . It has a 36 Volt/350W motor, and disk brakes front and back. The rack will hold a pair of panniers, and the bike is rated for 220 lbs. payload, and it is easily transported. It is a great way to started with e-bikes both in affordability and ease of use.

Peace Dove 26″ City Bike – $700.00

Peace Dove 26″ City Bike

This step-through city ebike is another great value for the new e-bike rider. It is easy to mount and control, with a 36 Volt/350 Watt motor will travel from one end of town to another and back again with no problem. With a rear rack, it can handle a rear bike bag or panniers, great for shopping and other errands.

Vortex, Value Mountain Bike – $700

Vortex, Value Mountain Bike

The Vortex sports a 36V, 350W motor, enought power to climb most of our hills with pedal assist. With straight handlebars, short body and knobby tires, it is meant to tackle the toughest terrain.

Lark City Bike – $1140

Ecotric Lark

The Lark is elegant, easy to mount and ride, plus it has an enclosed drive train, allowing the rider to wear a long skirt or kilt with no problem. It has a 500W motor, rear rack and front basket for those around town errands. $1140.00