PCB Blues

This album was created in 1991 in self-defense by people from the Bloomington, Indiana area – people whose concern about our PCB pollution problems (5 Superfund sites) is exceeded only by the fear of the proposed garbage-fueled toxic waste incinerator, and resulting toxic ash dump in the Bean Blossom valley NW of Bloomington.

PCBs and Health (International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health Vol. 11, No. 4, 1998)

Some songs were written as far back as the early 1980’s; others were written were written for this project; But all have been donated freely by their authors and performers. Recording, design, printing and duplicating were also donated by many other citizens who are vehemently opposed to this dangerous scheme.

This album was produced to raise money for the two principal organizations which have led the fight to bring out the truth. People Against the Incinerator (PATI) and the Citizens Opposed to PCB Ash (COPA). Though each group has its own approach, and brings different constituencies to the front lines, their goal is the same: to prevent the building of a garbage fueled incinerator and toxic ash dump, and the lead the way to finding a safe and sane solution to the PCB problem.

You will there are 3 tunes named “PCB Blues.” This co-incidence reflects a common feeling among the artists concerning the danger of our PCB pollution, and the egregious mishandling of the situation to date. We dedicate this album of songs to all thosed who give so much time, effort, and money in the fight to abolish a terrifying threat to our local economy, our homes, and our very lives. When the people lead, the leaders will follow.

PCB Blues
Produced by Mitch Rice
Engineers: Doug Black, Brian Christie, Rex Hunt, Richard Fish.
Package Development: Tom Dukeman
Typesetting: Mark Kunoff
Recording: HomeGrown Studios & Lemonview Studio
Replication: Duplicating Plus

The Ballad of Pat Gray – Pete Sutherland, Grey Larsen, Martin Simpson

PCB Blues 1 – Marc Haggerty

Not in my Backyard – Adrien Ziepolt

PCB Blues 2 – Jon Ott, Bton Jug Stompers

Once Upon a Time – Michael White

ABCD PCB – Michael White, Robin Larsen

PCB Blues 3 – Mitch & Eileen Rice w/ Rex Hunt

Incinerap – Steve Heise

Clean It Up – Robert Prieboy, Bugtussle

I Don’t Want You To Tell Me – Davis & Devitt

V-o-o-d-o-o in the USA – Andy Cobine & Linda Manis, Cybertonica

Happy in Bloomington – Brad, Wilhelm, Plastic Cheeses

No, No, No – Jim Manion, Ionman & the Friction Kings

Cradle to Grave – Leola Wolf & the Undecided Choices

I Hate the Incinerator – Ziek Clemmons

Poison Rainbow – Ian Brewer & Bob Slone, Deadbeats