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Zephyr-Ebikes Shop
All styles/brands of Ebikes serviced!

223 S. Pete Ellis Drive
Williamsburg Center, Suite 13
Bloomington IN 47408

  • Repairs/Maintenance – Tires/tubes/brakes/gears
  • Assembly/Tuning all brands of e-bikes
  • Consultation – Ebike Selection/Ordering/Riding
  • Parts/Upgrades
  • Electronic Troubleshooting
  • Battery Testing
  • Shop Rate: $80/hour
  • Assembly $150

We are located on the eastside, (near College Mall), on Pete Ellis Dr., across the street from Pizza Hut, and north of Jiffy Treat. We can take shipment of any brand and assemble/test/tune it for you.

Most ebikes feature 3-5 levels of power assist, which means you can adjust just how much pwer you use, from none, to up to 3-4 times your input energy. An average commuter cylist can produce 150 watts at 10 mph. (Bike athletes can produce 200 watts and more.) An average ebike has a 350-500watt motor, so it is like having a couple of extra riders on your bike, but without the extra weight and wind resistance.

Most hub motor models have a throttle as well, which is especially useful when starting up, moving through city intersections, scooting around corners, or navigating tight spaces at slow speed.

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Ecotric Starfish 350W motor

Recreationally, ebikes can really extend your range, and with 3-5 levels of assist, you don’t need to worry about our abundant hills; in fact you can look forward to them. All models have a power indicator, allowing you to gauge the milage left, and for the really long rides (over 50-60 mi), you could carry a second battery. We recently converted Mitch’s classic Rans recumbent, which was used for over a decade to roam all over Monroe, Brown, and Lawrence counties. Here’s to the many miles ahead!

Ebikes are great for our personal growth, health and well-being, as well as for the planet. Ebikes make commuting/errands/recreation both comfortable and accessible for a wide range of people, with the added benefit that they are fun! E-bikes chill the hill, no sweat, really, and distance is no problem while averaging 15/mph in the city. No need for fancy riding clothes, and you will arrive at your destination calm, cool, refreshed and ready to go!

Happy, safe riding to all,
Mitch and Zephyr

Mitch & Zephyr