Specialty Ebikes


This is a real classic beach cruiser, sittin’ on top of the world ebike, no throttle, but the ease of pedal assist is all you really need to melt the miles. $850

Pedelectric (Florida)

This SONDORS Smart Step is $1700 on their website, but this one has a bit of a manufacturing problem, and thus is not really foldable, except with some caution. So we are selling it as a very sturdy and fun to ride semi-fat tire step thru model, $1250.

SONDORS Smart Step

This Raleigh folding bike is light and easy to manage, yet it has quite a sturdy feel, as would be expected from this company. In the sixties my Raleigh 3 speed was way cool, and took me from Pittsburgh to Washington DC, and back! This one has a five speed internal gearing system, no deraileur to fuss with! $350

Cycle Genius LWB Bent
Cycle Genius LWB Bent

I’ve ridden all over Monroe county on my Rans recumbent, I definately endorse the style for those longer rides! This one should be out on the roads this fall, it was made by a bike shop in Texas, wherre the roads are long and flat, and the aerodynamic design is a real plus. This one goes to the person with the first $600!