Why Ebikes?

Blix Skyline and RadWagon

Biking is a better way to get around the city than a car or even a bus, often faster, and always more enjoyable. Whether for errands like shopping, attending community events, or commuting to work, e-biking can be a great way to enjoy your life. Lower your carbon footprint, increase your mental/physical well being, and get your errands done, all in one fell swoop!

Ebikes make the benefits of biking acessible to a wide range of users, not just the athletic types (who often ask: “Isn’t that Cheating? Short answer: “Well no, it is not a race, it is a journey…”).

Road rage becomes a memory, no honking horns, no fender benders, and you can park close to your destination. Bike commuting has been growing in Bloomington, and with all the new, safer bike routes traversing the city, the trend will no doubt continue.

Commuter style ebikes are very handy, no worries about sweat and mussed up clothes, the power assist feature means you do not have to strain to climb hills or fight to keep up with traffic. As for fun, fat-tire mountain bikes can climb and go almost anywhere, they are the SUV’s of ebikes. The hottest models are the 20″ fat tire folding bikes, they take the best of several design features to make a sturdy, easy to mount, portable ebike that can go just about anywhere.

Health Benefits

But more than that, biking is good for your health. The University of Montana lists these reasons on their biking page:

  • burns calories
  • builds strength
  • increases balance
  • builds endurance and stamina
  • increases flexibility
  • defines shape and muscle tone
  • increases cardiovascular fitness
  • improves joint mobility
  • improves coordination
  • decreases stress levels
  • reduces anxiety and depression
  • makes you feel good and gives you more energy to do other things throughout the day.
  • reduces the risk of certain diseases and health problems, such as heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.
  • increases blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to your brain, therefore increasing gray matter. (Biking literally makes you smarter!)


It’s not just me that thinks ebikes are the future, Bloomberg News has published quite a few ebike articles: